The Gallerys – You’re a Dreamer

The new single from Kent and The Gallerys positively roars through your speakers on first listen, and fails to lose any of ferocity when you have it on repeat. Only their second single since 2018 EP Lucid Trail, You’re a Dreamer is living proof that they have managed to mature, without losing that edge that saw them first come to our attention almost two years ago. 

The song itself launches straight in, with only a single drum beat preceding the outburst of their distinctive vocals, and from there in there is very little rest bite for two minutes and fifty-two seconds. As has been said about these boys before, their talent comes in the ability to combine very powerful elements, drums, guitar and vocals, without the tack becoming overwhelmed. They’ve succeeded again in that here. 

It would be easy to compare The Gallerys to some of the contemporaries, Courteeners for example, as they are, at heart, a proper indie rock band. However, that would be a lazy comparison. This tune proves they have more strings to their bow than simply being another indie band. The ‘60s influences are pretty blatant in it. The big guitar sound throughout,  the cutting riffs complemented by crashing drums all builds a sound, clearly influenced by different styles, but ultimately making something quite unique. 

The track, even when you’re sitting listening to it in a quiet room, has a distinctively live feel to it. Stemming from the rawness in the song writing and especially the vocal, it does conjure up images of a crowded room filled with the stench of lager, a rowdy crowd, and these boys up on stage. I definitely think this has been written with half a mind on adding to their already highly praised live shows, and personally, I think it will work even better in that environment that it does as a recording.

The only *slight* criticism I can think of in regards to this track is that it does go a little chorus heavy. It feels at times like as much of this song is chorus as it is verse, but in the scheme of things that is very forgivable when you hear the thing as a whole, and is probably just me nit-picking as I’m unable to find anything really wrong with this.

On reflection, I wholeheartedly recommend you go away and listen to this track, and keep an eye on his band in general. They seem to be getting better with time, as the song writing matures, and I am sure whatever they come out with next will be just as good, if not better.