The Garage Flowers – Pandora Smiles

The Garage Flowers latest single ‘Pandora Smiles’ is a strange song. On one hand it is a very generic indie/pop/rock song yet on the other hand it is a brilliant mix of riffs and rhythm. It is as though it’s a pendulum swinging between greatness and fading into the noise of today’s music industry.

Pandora Smiles’ starts off with a nice funky bassline and drumbeat with some teasing guitar riffs sprinkled in to peak your interest, however once the vocals come in the song seems to lose the energy it was building up in the intro and becomes a confusing collection of words. 

The song swings back to being great again once the chorus comes in as the vocals appear to figure out what kind of song they want to make. The chorus has a very chill rock vibe, the kind you could picture a crowd swaying to, lighters in hand like a scene out of movie. Its relaxed but then the verse takes it back the other way unfortunately.

Pandora Smiles’ does have a great trick under its sleeve, with the guitar solo towards the end of the song. The solo is passionate, and you can feel every note has meaning behind it. Guitar solos are becoming a lost art, so it is a nice bonus to hear one being played superbly. It really saves the song from falling into obscurity.

Pandora Smiles’ is a start for The Garage Flowers, it is a great benchmark to move up from and I hope they do. You can hear the lads have great talent, they just need to find the right way of using that talent and then they will produce a masterpiece.