The Haciendas – It’s Not Too Late

Manchester is a city in flux. A constantly shifting patchwork of culture, business and leisure, where now even its once easily identifiable skyline can change between visits. It’s something that’s reflected in the city’s myriad music scenes too, where funk and soul can rub shoulders with future house and indie in all its various guises can be seen on any given night of the week.

Indeed, though being a city constantly looking forward, musically it’s never forgotten its roots, with the likes of the Gallaghers, Morrisey and Ian Brown all still held in high regard, at least musically if not for their ideologies.

One band who certainly haven’t forgotten their city’s roots, are the fittingly titled Haciendas, a four-piece for whom the heady, halcyon days of the mid 1990s are still very much alive and kicking. The band’s latest single, “It’s Not Too Late” is four-minutes of snarling and swaggering riff-heavy rock and roll that will appeal to almost anyone with an appreciation for the days when being a British indie band meant an invitation to Downing Street.

Of course, it’s hard really to imagine any band dropping in on Boris, and despite the parallels between The Haciendas and the likes of Oasis, their bold and brash attitude might well win over the hearts of indie fans up and down the country, it’s difficult to see them winning over Westminster. Then again, why would they want to?

After all, they’re from Manchester. We do things differently here.