The Happy Soul – The Height

Now here’s a genre you don’t hear often, melodic power pop. It has up beat guitars and multiple singers. It feels like good hearted family friendly music.

That is The Happy Soul’s music. It’s literally in their name.

Their latest single ‘The Height’ has a slightly different feel to it as they take the melodic power pop genre down a slightly darker path. ‘The Height’ is about childhood anxieties and how they feel stupid once you are an adult. The Happy Soul take this theme and creates something interesting and creative.

Starting off with a nice easy guitar riff that bounces along it has a comforting feel to it like you are a child again. But once the vocals come in, they sound sinister and deep, starting off the anxieties. As the song goes on it throws more aspects of the songs to increase the confusion and chaos.

The chaos culminates into a sort of melodic spoken word, listing off the different anxieties before building the song back up as you become an adult again. It is a clever song that takes you on a journey through the theme of childhood anxiety.

It’s a very different song to a lot of mainstream music but that’s what makes it great. They can stick to their guns and create something unique and interesting. It shows what can be done with music.