The Herron Brothers – Heartbreaker

From the get-go, your feet will be tapping to the infectious sound of The Herron Brothers’ new single ‘Heartbreaker‘. Instead of breaking hearts, they’ll certainly be mending them with this anthem. Armed with note-perfect harmonies that specialise in creating a soundscape filled with joy, this is the third single from their self-titled forthcoming album.

Specialising in creating chemistry infused music, it’ll come as no surprise that the duo are actually real-life brothers. Immersive and innovative in all the right places, this disco-induced number nudges artists such as Michael Jackson and Chic, which could never be a bad thing.

Dedicated to get people off their seats and dancing around their household, ‘Heartbreaker’ features a driving rhythm section, simplistic keyboard motifs and jiving guitar licks to portray its optimistic attire. Lyrically, the track deals with the current hot topic of independent music making and it’s trials and turbulences.

Trying not to fall down the avenue of heartache from love, your heart can break from other aspects too. Detailing how tough the industry is to pursue and DIY, The Herron Brothers come across as fierce role models that emerging musicians aspire to be like.