The Holy Orders are an alternative rock band formed in Hull. Starting out in 2006, the band always had the heavier and loud approach. Gaining inspiration from grunge and alt rock bands, they have started to make their own identity with this track.

Starting out with feedback, this track sets you up for the ride they have created. Crashing in with heavy guitars and pounding drums, the song starts to pick up speed leading into the verse. The instrumentation in this track is very well done. Keeping the core bass and drums throughout the verses, and using guitars to create ambience and fill out the gap.

Moving to the chorus, the guitars come forward to utilise the space left in the verses. The tone of the guitar in the second verse is a bit strange. With the rest of the instruments heavily distorted and almost hard to recognise, it is strange to have this guitar pop out of nowhere. It clashes with the vocals for the focal spot. I’d personally either change that guitar tone a bit to fit the track more, or set it up in the previous chorus in less of a dominant role to get the listeners ready for it.

The vocals are also a bit wobbly in places. However, it fits the style enough with the loud and angry instruments. The track does well to display the joys of overdriven instruments and the feedback that comes with it. I enjoy the choruses especially as it showcases this point the most.

Overall, this track is quite a nice addition to the band’s repertoire. However, I feel they share a similar issue with bands like Avalanche Party and October Drift when they were smaller. The performances are hard to capture in a studio setting, so they may be best seeing live for the time being.