The Kairos - Future Yard, Birkenhead


The Kairos at Future Yard, Birkenhead 

Thursday 1st February 2024

My first full band gig of this year and it’s a stellar line-up! The explosive Kairos with support coming in the shape of Dirty Blondes (who I’ve been eager to see) and Hollow Body. This is my first time at Future Yard in Birkenhead and I’m impressed. It’s a cool little bar that leads into our venue, big enough for crowd feels but small enough to be up close to the band.

First Support – Hollow Body

It’s already pretty busy throughout our venue now as our first band, Hollow Body, take to the stage. We have quite a mixture of sounds/feels here! Our set begins with real guitary indie, and loud. As each song is played the feels change somewhat; I’m now getting electro, maybe an 80s New Wave tinge, then back to indie with a Manic Street Preachers type sound. Then heavier rock punctuation, think Red Hot Chili Peppers! Well performed and certainly an eclectic mix of inspirations and sounds.

Second Support – Dirty Blonde

I’ve been told about Dirty Blonde, so I’ve been looking forward to this set. This band literally swallow up this venue with stage presence, and one hell of an energy fuelled performance is what we get, which does not cease! A dreamlike female vocal, sweet and honey-filled, but with a gnarly rock edge; notes are held with ease. The swagger and cool on this stage before us from our front woman is incredible, even jumping down from the stage to sing amongst the crowd. Drums like rolling thunder, melodic then soaring bass lines, and real indie rock n roll guitars. It’s edgy yet refined in its quality, and very tightly performed. I personally get real 90s feels, think Garbage, think early Suede. Show-stopping set in performance, energy, sound and feels. I loved this! A band for anyone’s must-see list!

Kairos – Headline

 In an utter explosion of screaming guitars and distortion our headliners, Kairos, spontaneously combust (in both energy and musical prowess) onto our stage. It’s packed to the rafters in here now and the crowd goes off. It’s loud, wild, a musical storm is being created and it’s a frenzied force which is handed down to us as a crowd – it’s fever pitch now! Vocally it’s a wonderfully characterful tone, in the whole quite high and clear (John Powers like almost) but a grating, rasping is present which brings rawness and edginess. There is a real Mersey feel and sound to this which is undoubtedly a celebration of and nod toward their Scouse origin. It works well, that sing-song feel with the jagged guitar lines, ascending fuzzy bass lines and hard, fast and loud beats. 

The songs are pretty anthemic feeling, stadium worthy; instrumentals are textured and animated and the crowds chant back lyrics with enthusiasm. It’s clear to see this band are loved! Bouncing ensues both on and off stage (the crowd is alive). These lads don’t stop, hair flopping and pogoing around on stage, our front man often holding his guitar high as he climbs the kick drum then jumps off, often seated upon the drum during instrumentals. Completely captivating performance. high octane and wilds well and truly provided. Another stand-out band to see live, nonstop adrenaline and an addictive sound.



The Kairos - Future Yard, Birkenhead
The Kairos - Future Yard, Birkenhead
The Kairos - Future Yard, Birkenhead
The Kairos - Future Yard, Birkenhead
Dirty Blonde, Future Yard, Birkenhead