The Kecks – Modern Girls

There are almost as many countries going into this band as there are at a G7 conference and you would think with all of that background and influence, a band like The Kecks could produce something new. 

Their new single ‘Modern Girls’ provides some vital messages whilst packing in a sonic wave of guitars not too unfamiliar from The Strokes. I don’t think the vocal stylings help in this situation either.  

The band are Hamburg-based and have connections with the UK, Australia, Austria and Germany and have created a sound that is the gritty side of New York from the 2000s that we know all too well. It is a catchy song with some exciting guitar work that will be worth the attention of the indie rock scene. 

Chorus-driven and punchy guitars take centre-stage in this track with layered effects adding a much more vibrant and alternate guitars to your standard indie bands. The verse structure heavily reminds me of some early Biffy tunes (you know the really good ones) and that grooving bass in the background adds an extra bit of groove to the speed of Modern Girls.  

The vocals have a deep and gritty sound like early Strokes and I think that raw style does present an emotive and passionate touch to the song topic and juxtaposition to the light and bouncing chorus leads. 

The lyrical themes focus on how hard it must be growing up in the Instagram age with a society constantly pointing fingers and The Kecks express their sympathy with the complexities of modern life. It’s an admirable topic to be writing about and you feel like the lyrics have taken a lot of time and focus to get the right message across.  

The outro to the song kicks up the sonic sounds a notch which was exciting with the blaring guitars and an introduction to more alternate sounds. Whilst I have mentioned how The Kecks have similarities to a popular band, there’s no doubt that their influences and adaption to noise rock will continue to grow to more exciting sounds and guitar craftmanship.  

It’s a sound you can’t hate in all honesty, what’s not to love about guitar-driven indie rock?  

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