The Kecks – Stick In My Throat

One of the many great sub-genres of the 60s was the sharp sounds of garage bands that emerged around America. Groups like the Sonics, 13th Floor Elevators, and Count Five paved the way for many of today’s bands with their brief 3-minute songs, fast paces.

When they’d taken too many drugs, their trippy grooves and fanciful lyrics formed a more concise distillation of psychedelia that led the way for the likes of Tame Impala and Temples. It’s these sounds that the Kecks have so thrillingly brought to life.

Their single “Stick in my Throat” is a wonderfully strange but engrossing tune. Starting with a looping guitar riff that dips in and out of focus, the production that sounds like the guitar was recorded underwater. Lead singer Lennart Uschmann’s vocals switch between a strange deep drawl and a wild howl; matching the band on their wild ride as they create their manic soundscape.

What starts as a bugged out trip into a 60s acid trip in the verse turns into a breakneck stomp in the chorus.

The track, like the best garage band songs, finishes in less than three minutes. It gets your heart pumping and takes you on a bizarre psych trip, and then ends before things drag out too long. The band’s other tracks have quite conventional indie hooks to them, but this is a wonderfully odd-but-exciting track that mines a wonderful sound that thankfully hasn’t been overused. Hopefully, the Kecks take a page from the garage band book more often.

Live UK shows

19th July Vintage Rockbar Doncaster

20th July Tramlines @ Frog And Parrot 

21st July Yerrr Bar, Manchester