The Kiddiwinks – Elephant In the Room

With insistent riffs, thunderous drums and a classic collection of “na na na’s” in their tattered jeans, The Kiddiwinks latest single “Elephant In the Room” is proof that the sound of the 2000s garage-rock revival is very much alive and well.

Their music is clearly the work of a band who’ve stocked up on Strokes and Black Keys records. But while these influences could’ve led the song to be derivative, they’re played with so much passion and determination that you find yourself giving into the chaotic fun.

From the moment the snare drums kick things off and the circular guitar riff winds its way into your brain you’re hooked. This isn’t an overly complicated tune, and that’s what makes it work. There’s no instrumental trickery, no production flourishes, and no hidden subtlety in the lyrics. Just a great melody, a fiery groove to get your head banging, and easy-to-remember lyrics to get you screaming at the top of your lungs.

The lo-fi recording quality of the track also adds to its raw energy, making it obvious this is a band that’s meant to be heard live. Thankfully, this is only their second single, with plenty more to come. And if their next releases are as catchy and fun as this one, then they’ll have no trouble having their raucous sound heard live.