The Lathums – All My Life

Wigan’s finest, The Lathums are back with their catchy new song ‘All My Life’ which visually and musically bleeds nostalgia.   

The easy-going vibe of the track from the warm guitar tones, smooth vocals from frontman Alex Moore and light acoustic strumming give All My Life that classic Britpop sound from the early 90’s.  

Despite the fact Moore wrote All My Life back when he was just 16, the lyrics feel experienced and touches on memories and strife. The track is well mixed with no instrumentation being wasted, the bass and drums provide a simple, but effective rhythmic backdrop to let the vocals and guitar take ahold of you. 

The accompanying video is recorded on a Super 8 camera which also provides that vintage feel to the track and makes the song appear as if it had been released 30 years ago. The band exploring the streets of Wigan has that classic British working-class vibe that fits the genre nicely.  

If you love your indie rock to have a feel for the past with gentle rhythms, a soaring vocal performance and a memorable chorus, then The Lathums should be right up your street.