The Lathums go number one in the album charts

Congratulations to The Lathums for reaching number one with their album How Beautiful Life Can Be

Alex Moore, casting a new outline of the modern frontman, sings alongside student of the Marr-esque jangle guitar

Scott Concepcion, anchored by rapid-fire, wise-cracking bassist.

Jonny Cunliffe (aka: Bass Mon Jon) and a steady, rhythmic, wise head.

Ryan Durrans on drums. Pithily described by those closest as ‘like The Inbetweeners in a Shane Meadows film’, they are four bright, wildflowers growing between grey paving stones.  

With plans to take their music the width and breadth of the UK, as any emergent band should be trashed by the live music blackout of 2020, the band circled their wagons at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool.

In the company of producers, James Skelly and Chris Taylor, they made sense of the work that they’d completed together in their toy-littered, wire-strewn, and chalk slogan-daubed rehearsal room in Wigan

Catch them live at Sheffields 02 Academy on Monday 11th October, still, a few tickets left HERE

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