WE REVIEW THE NEW SINGLE FROM The Lathums – I See Your Ghost

For anyone who likes to think they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the UK’s wider indie scene, it’s been near impossible not to see or hear The Lathums mentioned in conversation, played on the radio and shared on social media. But then again, they’re not a band that one would want to avoid.

Seemingly exploding out of nowhere in 2019, the Mancunian four-piece haven’t so much as turned heads as sent them spinning, thanks in no small part to their whirlwind ascent to the top of their game. Combining colloquial everyman indie with genuine intelligence and a deft musicality, it’s what ‘00s indie should have been. I bet Johnny Borrell is sick to his stomach.

The band’s latest single ‘I See Your Ghost’ is no exception, though it is something of a departure for the quartet. Built around a backbone of upstrokes and offbeats, there’s a freneticism at play that just lacks the brass before we all don the porkpie hats or checkerboard shoes.

While most modern indie bands seem to take themselves too seriously, here The Lathums exude the feeling that they’re genuinely enjoying themselves. And well they might. Like The Ordinary Boys but, y’know, good,  ‘I See Your Ghost’ is two and a half minutes of off-the-wall and off-kilter indie-pop that’s more than deserving of the bigger stages the band have found themselves playing.

If you haven’t heard much of The Lathums before now, you will do soon, and that’s a fact.