The Levis – Clear Skies

The Levis and their new single Clear Skies are a nostalgic aura of indie pop with Suede swagger and a breath of confidence. 

The Derbyshire four-piece let loose with eccentric jangly guitars, a droning bass and bouncing drums. The rhythm sections have an important role in providing balance with the upbeat tempo as the leads aim to whine with melancholic notes. 

Lead vocalist Max Stokes’ voice gives us an alternative sound to what we’re used to hearing in indie rock. It doesn’t have the raw grittiness that a lot of Northern vocalists have, but the youthful and clear cutting sound rests nicely within the rhythm guitar tones. 

You still get the Northern accent and isms, giving Clear Skies the edgy Oasis familiarity. 

It looks as though indie rock is moving away from impersonating bands of the last fifteen years and we’re taking a further step back into a Britpop Two.