The Levis – Honey I’m Alright

I spent many an hour in my early teens kicking my heels outside Sheffield Bus Station, Haribo Starmix in-hand, waiting for the number 44 to whisk me back to suburbia. With this, it’s such a pleasure to see it featured as cover art for a song that, if released at the time, would have almost certainly been playing in my ears.

I first heard The LEVIS a year or two ago, when I came across their Instagram page and rough demos on Spotify. I loved what I heard at the time, and frankly I’m even more impressed with this, their latest and greatest release: Honey I’m Alright.


Other than the evident Sheffield theme of the cover art, it’s clear to hear the northern roots behind the sound. The vocals have that distinctive midlands twang to them, they’re unique, instantly recognisable, vocalist  is a precious gift to have.

The raw, twangy tone of the guitar works fantastically with the rest of the sound, and again could be said to take influence from that now famous ‘Sheffield’ sound. The band know how to use their influences to their advantage; their work is not a carbon copy of that of their idols, as we tend to see with many other bands on the scene. Instead, they intelligently use their favourite features, combined with their own preferences, to create something wonderfully fresh.

I think the songwriting is brilliant; it has all the spine-tingling ‘floatiness’ of an indie ballad, without leaving you bored to tears.

I couldn’t help at times but long for a bit of something to thicken the song up. This is not at all to say that the song doesn’t have a kick – it does, but the addition of some synth, or something to vary from the lead guitar a couple of times, would make it even more of a statement of originality.

If you’re a fan of your 60s vibes, indie music, or just want to hear the latest movements of the great wave of northern talent, give this song a well-deserved place on your 2019 playlist.