The Losing Touch – Save the Last One

This morning when I pressed the play button on my phone I was tossed into an ocean and met with a tidal wave of echoing gravitas. This is because I was listening to The Losing Touch newest track, Save the Last One.

It’s an almost visceral sensation. On your first listen I highly recommend that you just close your eyes and let the music create whatever image this melody invokes. The instrumental is definitely the strongest suit here, and with how little patience the song has to boast its profound effect I think this is something The Losing Touch know to capitalise on.

Usually I’m a fan of leitmotifs and repetition but here there just seems to be something missing. I think the vocals achieve their goal remarkably well, the deepness and slowness of the performance is perfectly matched to the cacophony of sound, but I struggled with connecting to the lyrics on emotional level. Perhaps it’s just my personal preference but given how long the song is I feel it could thrive at its fullest potential with a stronger pool of imagery in the lyrics.

But for what it’s trying to be, Save the Last One is a wonderful opportunity to rock your head back and forth and just let yourself get lost in the music. And I think it deserves your fullest attention.