The Lottery winners Live at the Met, Bury we review

The fab 4 trying to put Leigh on the map joined the growing number of bands trying the PPV (Pay Per View) market to help make ends meet. They performed a “live” gig full of old, newish and brand new songs along with a cover via Veeps streaming platform at the wonderful Bury Met. For a band such as the Lottery Winners who (quite literally if you saw what was sent to their studios) feed off their fans this could have gone either way but thankfully it was all positive..

For those who still have to experience The Lottery Winners allow me to provide a little insight. They’re a hard-working band that’s been bubbling under the radar for the best part of a decade, they don’t take themselves too seriously which is, in part something that appeals to many people – we’re not talking about a band like the Hotpots or Heavily Pregnant Brothers thankfully but a gang of 4 friends who aren’t pushing a political message that love to perform feel-good music (that ironically usually involves heartache but doesn’t come across as cheesy).

It’s, however, seeing them live where they really come into their own, their charm comes across strongly into the audience and it’s that which draws the crowds in. Earlier this year they finally released their debut self-titled album (there’s a whole story in that right there for another day) and have quickly following that up with an album of cover versions that they recorded throughout the lockdown to keep themselves sane which is due out soon. As well as producing the cover songs, they also ran a weekly LWTV (not difficult to work out) where they even managed to land no other than Rick Astley to make an appearance and following all this up they have just finished recording their next studio release, busy indeed.

Right onto tonight, the stream starts fashionably late but its up to 11 from the off, They kick off with a couple of songs then we’re cut away from the stage to some previously recorded sketches that include the humour fans have grown to expect from them, it’s something different to the usual live stream and this won’t be the last time it won’t be just a band on stage playing and sure enough as after playing another song they announce it’s the 1st part of a Raffle Draw, yes a Raffle Draw, during a gig… With Rob (the band guitarist showing his impersonation skills announcing the prizes in a Jim Bowen (or Jim Boleyn as Thom prefers)voice from Bullseye this is just the sort of random thing to expect from this band, tbh all that was missing was a break for the bingo.

This continues throughout the entire performance between playing a few more songs along with some more video clips this time from the new albums studio recording and yet again shows the general silliness and gags between members and the new album production crew, further raffle prizes ranged from the usually signed lyrics, drum sticks etc to the bizarre – fly swatters… The top prize’s given away included a signed Guitar used in the making of the album and Joe’s (the drummers) electric drumkit.

During the fun performance, a couple of new tracks had their debut, the 1st insight into the previously mentioned next proper studio album, Viva Love where it’s clear to see they aren’t straying too far off the path they’ve chosen, it’s yet more catchy pop stuff that tends to latch into the ears and worm away for days after hearing.

Further standouts included  Katie’s stunning version of Dolly Parton’s hit Jolene from the lockdown sessions and Thom cocking up the lyrics a couple’ of times (I don’t think they’ve managed to edit them out of the stream that’s been repeated Thom) and a mention to a couple of fans who actually shared their 21st wedding anniversary on the same date as the gig which got the song 21 dedicated to them.

The stream is available to watch again throughout all of August via veeps.com and you can watch as many times as you like after making an initial purchase until the 31st. The performance comes highly recommended for a little over an hour’s worth of good humoured easy going entertainment from a loveable band who really are on top of their game.

The gigs tracklist consists of the following tracks

Little Things.
Much Better (new song)
That’s Not Entertainment
Love Will Keep Us Together (Thom Screwed up)
Overthink Everything (new song)
I know (Dancing In The Dark interjected)
Meaning Of Life
Emerald City (Thom Screws up, again)

Guest writer Ric Brook