The Lottery Winners are a few old faces in the Indie Pop scene. Coming out of Leigh, between Manchester and Liverpool, they found their sound with the dancey, disco pop vibes. Using simplistic melodies and joyful lyrical content, they create a great sense of familiarity.

Starting strong, the album opens with “Favourite Flavour”. A fantastic melody line played on a lovely synth and matched with different instruments. This banger sets the album off with a running start, the sweet slides the guitar does, the soft percussion and the perfect vocal delivery combine into a mega track.

And the strength continues with the change of pace for the next track. Something this band can utilise is the female and male vocalists. Immediately displayed with the first two songs, first being mainly male and second one being mainly female. Combining these in a lot of the other songs works perfectly, the voices work so well and establish an almost musical theatre type of sound.

The fourth track on the album “Dance With The Devil”, sounds a lot like a track off the Reverend and the Makers album “Mirrors”. With the jumpy drum beat, descending melody lines and spacey instrumentation, and stylish singing. Featuring KT Tunstall, this song uses the male and female dynamic again, and once again the voices work fantastically together.

One of the stronger songs in the album is “Start Again” with Frank Turner. Going more for a heavy sound, or as heavy as they can manage being an indie pop group. The drums and vocals really make this track special in my eyes. The heavier ideas the drummer has outputted work so great with the track. Especially in the chorus when the instruments build-up to the main riff and loud vocals. Singing in this track just leaves me speechless, undercutting the shouty chorus with soft, rapid female lines is excellent.

A change of pace from these tracks is “Bad Things” featuring Sleeper. Containing a much more chilled vibe, slower percussion, slow spacey synths. There is an Owl City vibe from the instrumentation in this track, but when the band kicks in you cant help but sway along with it. I feel like this track would be huge live, slow chill feelings. Sadly I think the vocal performance lacks a bit of emotion with the delivery. It almost seems as though they’re just reading it off the sheet for the first time in the choruses.

Overall, this album showcases the highs and lows of indie-pop. A fantastic display of what can happen when good musicians get together. Although there are a few songs that are too repetitive and can get on your nerves, a lot of the songs are truly just outstanding. I hope the album is received well and these guys get way more recognition because they are incredibly skillful in what they do.