We review the new album from The Lottery Winners

Manchester’s The Lottery Winners leave us all feeling like their name suggests with their triumphant self-titled debut album. Given what we’re all going through at the moment, there couldn’t be a better time to listen to a record so bright, hopeful and energising.

The album roars on for 39 minutes at an infectious tempo that never lulls, pounding you with a perfect blend of rocky power and glitzy electronica. ‘Lottery Winners’ is the musical epitome of youthful exuberance, and it gives you a smile that can’t be wiped off.

The first side of the record is particularly awe-inspiring- six songs that are so catchy it’s not even fair. ‘Little Things’ and the Primal Scream-esque ‘I Don’t Love You’ are my current favourites, but that’ll almost certainly change on the next listen.

The lyrics across the album seek to unravel the complicated world of the twentysomething’s work, social and love life, rounded off with the poignant and motivating closer ‘Young Again’. A really good bit of music makes you want to get up and do something- and that track really makes you want to change your life.

The musicianship is brilliant across the board too, and you can feel the emotion in every moment. Special credit must go to some fantastic lead guitar parts across a number of tracks, as well as the wonderful female backing vocals which open up a whole new dimension in the music.

We love to talk on and on about the intricacies of music, but this album gets to the very bones of music’s fundamental purpose: to entertain you and make you happy. Long may The Lottery Winners continue to provide us with pure joy.