Catchy, instrumentally upbeat and forebodingly comical, multi-instrumentalist and producer Todd Boepple’s first release under his side project The Lunar District is a futuristic and dystopian blast-to-the-past of 80s synth-wave inspired sound.  

Immediately infectious, starting off with a bouncy and optimistic sounding beat layered with robotic synth-sounds reminiscent of electronic music by the likes of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode the listener is instantly transported back in time to an early 80s dance club. Despite very much wearing his influences on his sleeve, The Lunar Districts new single has a youthful quality and futuristic focus to it which keeps it from being derivative. 

Contrasted with this joyful tone, lyrics singing of impending doom create an atmosphere which is both comical and uneasy as the listener is told to party whilst the same voice narrates the nearing end of the world.

Auto-tuned vocals which are monotone and expressionless in nature and the added sound of robot beeps to the mix makes it sound as if it is a computer-automated robot who seems to be encouraging humankind’s distraction from the impending doomsday. Images come to mind of a sci-fi robot villain who has mastered mind-control of humankind, this is amplified by the entrancing and repetitive nature of the instrumentation which sounds almost hypnotic.  

Despite understanding the goal of the repetitive tone of the instrumental throughout “Doomsday Dance”, to keep the track engaging the instrumental would arguably have benefitted from some changes in pace and sound as the track progresses. But it’s still an exciting glimpse into what is next to come from The Lunar District.  

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