The Malthusian Trap – Pleasure Room

Electronic post-punk outfit The Malthusian Trap soar with a passionate arrangement within new number ‘Pleasure Room’. Identifying itself with elements of driving beats, memorable bass lines and swirling synths, the new single situates fittingly within the diverse electronic world. 

Recorded and completed during the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, ‘Pleasure Room’ sees a change in musical direction for the band. Side by side with it’s music video, the visuals were made up of fan footage from across the globe. Mirroring the past and present throughout the video, ‘Pleasure Room’ is a fast-moving, underground single that feels like a present you want to hold onto forever. 

While the track features an experimental structure, the lyrics don’t hold onto the progressive feel as hoped. Lyrically, the simplistic approach seems to be what the band are going after, and it still gets the point across firmly. Chanting from start to finish, the dynamics in the track flow with guidance from the track’s multiple culture influence. 

Reflecting on current social events and the need to come together again as a world, the single highlights how the little things in life can mean the most sometimes. ‘Pleasure Room’ drives throughout with it’s pulsating rhythm, hooking you onto it’s desire to dance. While it’s holding a repetitive arrangement, it’s mantra-like rhythm will find a way into your head whether you like tor not. 

A daring, thoughtful single that shines how diverse The Malthusian Trap truly are.