The Mango Furs release their new single – Mother Nature’s Child

This last month has seen the return of Nashville’s The Mango Furs, with the release of their new single, ‘Mother Nature’s Child’, their first release since 2020’s ‘Shoes Untied’. Since bursting onto the scene, a couple of years ago the band have continued to expand on their psychedelica influenced sound, and ‘Mother Nature’s Child’ makes these foundations stronger than ever.

‘Mother Nature’s Child’ plummets the listener into another world, full of dizzying, hallucinating riffs and dreamy, wistful melodies that see The Mango Furs go from strength to strength, combining that with an extremely addictive hook that is destined to get stuck in fans’ heads. What really see the band shine is their vocals, and within ‘Mother Nature’s Child’, they are reminiscent of the Beatles – set against a dainty, tranquil backdrop that is to die for.

The overarching message within ‘Mother Nature’s Child’ is connection. Although it may be hard to imagine after a whole year where we have become disconnected from the outside, we are all connected to the world around us – even though it may be hard to recognise due to the harder times in life.

‘Mother Nature’s Child’ is a triumphant return for The Mango Furs, the track shows a high level of confidence and showmanship and feels tight and polished, whilst still allowing them room to expand further. What ‘Mother Nature’s Child’ does best is reintroducing the band as an exciting, inventive four piece that truly have the world at their fingertips.