The Mardlers – Mad To Live

Cambridge indie outfit The Mardlers present a boisterous, Kerouac inspired new track for our listening pleasure, and their shabby-by-design sound provides plenty of pleasure indeed.

Carrying a real rough and ragged feel, almost intentionally erratic in places, in conjures up images of beer flowing in a small dingy venue, with this tune blasting out from the stage. Apart from bringing on a slight sadness when you remember that’s not possible though, it’s all good news.

Inspired by Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, it definitely carriers with it that sense of adventure and investigation. Flipping between top-tap inducing verses and hectic choruses, this whirlwind track never seems to keep its tempo or direction for more than a matter of seconds, constantly ensuring that you’re fully engrossed, and never letting itself grow even close to being stagnant. Frantic instrumentals seem to come and go at will, forever morphing into different patterns to create an enormous sound whilst still keeping within it the intricate little bits which distinguish it from being just another noisy piece.

The real driver Mad To Live are the barking, piercing vocals which never tire throughout, backed up wonderfully by little flashes of jangling guitar riffs, perhaps the only thing which actually remains consistent throughout it. Whether stomping through the verses with their indie vibes, or roaring though the rockier, jagged chorus, all the elements of their sound seem to climb and fall as one, with the vocals always taking centre stage.

The overwhelming factor this song emanates is energy. Energy from the vocals, energy from the instrumentals, energy from the listener. I certainly feels like it needs to be heard live to have its full effect, and has been written perhaps with that in mind. Until that can happen, however, we will more than make do with what is, in short, a great bit of music.