The Meadows – Love Limbo

Released on 4th September, The Meadows’ latest single ‘Love Limbo‘ sees a blend of smooth jazz, pop and indie rock, promise an exciting and unique sound to freshen up our playlists.

Unusually, birdsong welcomes you into the track, which is soon joined by smooth, lounge-style piano chords. Soon flowing over the piano are warm, reverberated vocals which according to the band, “introspectively explore the emotional upheaval of entering into one’s first long term relationship at a young age” (The Meadows). With the relatable nature of the coming-of-age lyrics, the track certainly holds resonate features between itself and the listener.

Expanding further in its instrumental layers, the song sees the introduction of a rhythm section and cool synth chords played on top of the piano, utilising tones reminiscent of a hazy dreamscape. The build-up climaxes with an additional, almighty synth melody played above the music to create to apex of the songs impact. The music then begins to hold a strong groove for the remainder of the song, seeing the vocals use a higher amount of force in the busyness of the instrumental layers.

If I had to give any criticisms to the track, it’d simply be asking for the song to have a longer duration as it does an incredible job of leaving you wanting more. At two and a half minutes, the impact and build up is definitely effective but there’s a slight bit of disappointment realising the journey is over so soon.

Regardless, The Meadows have certainly showcased a wonderful blend of sound in their latest single and have set the standard high for their future artistic direction. Though it’s short and sweet, the unique flow of unpredictability ensures that song’s impact is nothing shy of powerful.