The Merchants – Roots Hold The Trees

A melomaniacal four-piece – Liverpool’s The Merchants follow up their debut single Hostile with the sentimental, yet ever-so upbeat – Roots Hold The Trees.

Forming early last year, the lads are no strangers to the scene – vocalist Harry Bowness and bassist Joe Abraham honed their craft as solo artists over the years. And drummer Harry Strachan formally made noise in the now defunct Cabezudos. The trio of Wirralians were later joined by Mexican-born guitarist Ernesto Sandoval who has come to call Liverpool his home. With their individual influences reportedly ranging from modern indie-rock, blues and folk, and even some new wave in there – with just a couple of releases under their belt so far, the band offers something very promising.

Straight in with a thunder of drums – its a catchy tune reminiscent of the glorious indie of the 00’s – and there’s a definite nod to some influences of that era. A melody layered with the gravelly vocals of Bowness – its a reflection and a tribute to those mates in our lives that have made us who we are. Despite what happens in life – the chorus reminds us to ‘Forget about the branches, the roots will hold the trees’ – and its that foundation of a relationship that stands the test of time. Lyrically its a song truly designed to be screamed back at the band by a rabble of bevvied-up and carefree gig-goers. And to complete the indie-dream there’s an electrifying buzzy guitar solo courtesy of Sandoval that would give a band like The Kooks a run for their money.

Its a solid tune, the kind you can imagine blasting from the radio as you floor it down the M62 on a roadtrip with your mates. Showcasing their definitive indie stylings – it’ll be interesting to see where these lads venture next. Worth a listen and a band sure to grow on you.