The Metal Byrds – Dreamin

UK/US based rockers The Metal Byrds roar out with their latest single ‘Dreamin‘ that is layered in nostalgic classic rock with a modern twist.

Singer Suzanne Birdie and her power pop vocal stylings are filled with a great force and she never seems to take a breath. Her vocals are a warm throwback to iconic rockers of the 70s such as Joan Jett and Debbie Harry.

The instrumentation accompanying her invites plenty of drum fills, easy-going guitar rhythms and fat bass guitar notes. The guitar tones are over-driven and clean with the bass sounding extra dirty with a tone that separates it nicely from the guitars.

No classic rock song is complete without some fast guitar solo’s and picking which add expected breaks to the chorus that is heavily thrown at us. The song’s poignant line ‘I wanna be somebody not just an anyone’ fires its message at us endlessly with the punk attitude of making it.

Dreamin has a nice refind sound with modern production keeping the spirit of classic rock alive. On top of that there is well-thought out instrumentation and learned playing that wears its influences on its sleeves.