The Mietus Touch release his new album – Transcendental Souvenirs

Transcendental Souvenirs’ is the new offering from Chicago based one man band The Mietus Touch. This is a broad and expansive album that delivers impactful song writing, considered and thought-through production and shows the dynamic range of this artist.

There is a retro sheen across this album, drawing from contemporaries such as Tame Impala, with a real tangible evidence of the influence from Prince. This influence is especially clear on ‘Edge of Heaven’. Longing vocals that ooze with sensuality resonate with the Prince pop sensibilities.

Opening track ‘Digits’ immediately puts you at ease, feeling confident that the rest of this album is going to deliver. Confident vocals drip through a retro glam-funk sound, while delivering interesting lyrics that avoid cliches. There is a perfect balance between the vocals and the rest of the instruments, all elements allowing space for each other.

‘Last Lost Look’ incorporates industrial sounding loops that lull you into a trance which breaks with the climax of the song. It is songs like this where the production value of the album comes into its own.

The Mietus Touch has married traditional storytelling songwriting with modern and progresive production techniques, showing an artistic flair. This has allowed him to create a sonic landscape that completely wraps you up, and transports you for the duration of the album.

Close to whispered backing vocals are a feature of this album, which serve to create an intimate feel in the songs, and complete the near delicate delivery of the lead vocals. ‘You Got Me’ is an excellent example of this dynamic.

The longest song on the album ‘Maybe I’m a Coyote’ floats along as a blissful remedy to the outside world. Strange lyrics question while the Jazz inflected guitar soothes and guides you through.

A well-covered song, The Mietus Touch still manages to bring a new edge to ‘Moon River’. This Jazzy electronic version is the perfect closing note to this album, exemplifying The Mietus Touch’s excellent song management and production value. Bringing something new to such an iconic track, covered by the likes of Frank Ocean and Frank Sinatra, is no mean feat, but this cover from The Mietus Touch catapulted up to that high level with its brilliant originality.

It is quite astonishing that this is a debut album. There is a self-assuredness that doesn’t often accompany a debut release. ‘Transcendental Souvenirs’ is confident, bold, and polished, sounding more like an album from a well established artist with years of experience, rather than a debut project.

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