The Mood – Daisypicker

Indie rockers The Mood are back with their sophomore single ‘Daisypicker‘. The latest offering from the Birmingham-based band continues the momentum with the best feet forward.

An inspiring indie track with layers of melodies that will captivate your mind, the exceptional new release follows along the same path as the hugely successful debut single ‘Ultimate Indie Disco’.

Produced by legendary producer, Gavin Monaghan (Editors, Robert Plant, The Swang, Ocean Colour Scene, The Sherlocks), ‘Daisypicker’ radiates nothing but feel-good summer vibes.

Starting with a clean, euphoric guitar line layers with a rhythm acoustic guitar and tremolo guitar tones, ‘Daisypicked’ may follow a basic structure but it’s still filled with wit and a spine-tingling guitar solo.

Detailing a summer-infused imagery, the lyrics within the new song such as ‘you watch the flowers grow’ state how the summer certainly makes everything bloom – not only nature but also peoples moods.

Mostly a feel-good single with an ethereal production, the lyrical message is mainly about a relationship going sour. Offering a first-person narrative from one side of the couple, the track explains how it’s so important to always hear two sides to the story.

A gorgeous soundscape that needs to be at volume 11 whilst you dance around your house.