The Moonshoots – Golden Hour EP

From the sunny hills of Los Angeles I am greeted with the words of The Moonshoots and their debut EP ‘Golden Hour’ and like its name, this record shines through perfectly with warm and varied sounds. 

We’re treated to a real mixture on Golden Hour which makes me question how can this be The Moonshoots first release? Everything is so refined and bold with quality mixing throughout. There’s a variety of musical styles and influences ranging from Indie rock, soul, funk and rock ‘n roll that scream vintage America.  

The band whose main focus is the front duo Kate Felsted and Robert Felsted Jr. Combine a variety of instrumentation and vocal deliveries with Kennedy taking centre-stage on the first couple of tracks. Sunrise Daydream is in itself a dreamy indie piece with soft drum patterns and delicate piano, and it is left to Kennedy to guide us along with her confident voice. Midday Mantra adds to the smooth introduction of the album, whilst adding some welcoming grooves and another slick and smooth vocal performance.  

As the seven-track EP progresses we are treated to upbeat funk on LA (On Fire) which that enticing sounds of a Moog, slick guitar leads and delightful keys which sound like a vintage session keyboard. Kennedy and Felsted bring their vocal efforts together and play well off of each other which a combination of low and high ranges.  

Hay Wayward is another smooth and soulful piece full of American flare and the guiding piano and drums are matched with brilliant vocals. You feel the warmth and comfort in Kennedy’s voice which furthermore reaches great heights. Window Open Wide is a slick and comforting piece as well with delicate keys and vibrant instrumentation. The whole EP has a positive attitude. 

Superhero lives and breathes funk with the bass and yet somehow manages to combine a classic soft rock style into the mix. I feel as though I’ve been transported back to the late 70s and Felsted’s vocals give me strong David Byrne vibes. 

Space which for me was a big highlight on the EP has a heavy slapped bass taking hold of the beginning of the track and has groovy drums to match. It feels like Summer for a moment and then descends into a spacey funk vibe with jangly guitar leads. The accompanying music video captures the magic of the great American outdoors and shots that simply remind me of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’.  

Warm, groovy and bucket loads of musical talent.