The new single from Late TV is out now – Fools Fools Fools

An outfit that’s only recently turned my attention and stormed onto my radar, Late TV won’t be leaving my playlist anytime soon, and I’m certain it’ll be the same story for you. Creating innovative music that resides in a synth-funk, new-wave meets indie songwriting, their latest single Fools Fools Fools‘ refuses to be limited to one specific musical genre.

The second single is to be taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album, if the future release is anything like this one, the band better fasten their seatbelt for a fantastic ride ahead.

Described as the sort of track that would light up a cocktail bar and keep the good vibes going, you won’t be a fool for adding this track to your life. The vital soundtrack to making your day do a whole 360 and in a good way, this is a track that will urgently pull you up onto a dancefloor.

Starting off as a Tom Waits drunken ballad, the track’s developed into something that Prince would have loved in his discography. Very dramatic and theatrical with layers of vibrance and charisma, ‘Fools Fools Fools’, dynamically builds with a vision to make your feet never stop moving.

There’s honestly not one bad thing to say about this glistening single, it’s fuelled with positivity and warmth to get rid of any winter blues.