The new single from The Mood – The Bus Stop Song

Birmingham quartet The Mood are certainly paving the way to becoming a true asset to the UK’s ever-growing indie scene. Teaming up with Birmingham legend Jonny Amos, who certainly knows how to turn a song into a hit, ‘The Bus Stop Song’ is a heartfelt single based on how lead singer Dan got together with his girlfriend, Sophie.

Entirely familiar and heart-warming from the first note, the track comes across as delicate and advances into a Libertines infused, upbeat track, perfect to sing along to in your hairbrush.

In the third single from The Mood, you’d think the band have been together with their iconic musicianship. Offering a clever narration of modern-day life with an abundance of satirical undertones, this contemporary twist of indie may come across as an emotional rollercoaster, but you’ll be pleased to fasten your seatbelt and ride the waves.

Slightly formulaic in places, indie is a very hard genre to master without sounding like other bands. Trying to stay completely original in an already hectic field, ‘The Bus Stop Song’ definitely nudges artists such as Pulp and Pete Doherty, but The Mood are clearly stating they’re bringing something new to the table.

Just past the halfway mark, the chord progression advances into an adventurous corner and takes the track to the next gear.

It’s also a nod to lead singer Dan’s favourite film, Submarine, which features the two lead characters acting awkward with each other at a bus stop, something which Dan saw in himself.

‘The Bus Stop Song’ will leave you missing your bus and dancing in the rain to your new favourite song.