The New Twentys – I Can’t Afford Her

A song of misunderstandings is one that is easily accessible from indie pop rockers The New Twentys.

Their latest single, I Can’t Afford Her, discusses a night out spiraling into unfortunate circumstances. A man asks a sex worker for directions without the knowledge of her position and friends film the footage which is seen by the protagonist’s girlfriend and arguments ensue.

It’s a pop-punk-esc track with lyrical themes that tick all of the boxes for a fiery piece.

The London-based group takes influence from the pop-punk scene of times gone by with accessible indie flavourings. The group of vocals makes for an anthemic chorus with classic pop guitars to make sure for easy-going rhythms.

Instrumentally, it’s not the most out-going piece, but those who enjoy tasteful indie-pop with sing-a-long lyrics will find this pleasing on the ears. There are vocal transitions in the bridge that transition from isolated vocals to a steady build-up. Everything is timed well to keep the piece interesting.

The song-writing is well-experienced and with descriptive lyrical themes, The New Twentys present upbeat sounds with engaging stories. No doubt there will be plenty of musical versatility in the pipeline, but the simple rhythmic structures and tones do lack a punch that this genre is so familiar with.