The New Twentys – The Way

The sun might not always be shining in the UK, but The New Twentys’ brand new single ‘The Way’ will undoubtedly make you feel like it is.

A catchy indie-pop song with big vocals that are built for a sing-a-long, this tune will make you want to move. Its quick and quirky nature matches up with the playful, loved-up lyrics like cheese matches with a glass of fine wine. 

Describing the track, the band said ‘Overall it’s a feel-good summer anthem that should make you wanna roll your windows down.’ I couldn’t put it better myself really.

You might be wondering, how could you possibly make this tune more of a typical indie-pop anthem? The answer is to throw in some flourishes of brass of course. The brief appearance of an ensemble of trumpets only reinforces the mood of this bouncing single.

Something I would say could be added to the song is a slightly more complex bass line. I’m not saying it needs a big bass solo stuck in the middle, but you could just make it a bit more melodious to reinforce the charm the rest of the track carries.

I also think that if this tune is to be fit for festival season, the band could strip back the track towards the end to then explode for one final booming chorus.

Whether or not they do this, I’m sure ‘The Way’ will be a guarantee on the band’s setlist this summer.

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