THE NOVUS – Man on a Bridge

Finally getting its own official release after being one of their most requested tracks at gigs. Man on the bridge is one of the most anticipated tracks of the summer. Penned during their return home to Stourbridge from a London gig driving their van passed Camden Locks bridge, the Birmingham based 4 piece witnessed an old man dancing and obviously living his best life in his underwear. Inspired by the energetic performance ‘Man on the bridge’ was formed and has since become a fan favourite. 

Taking influences from the post-punk era, art and 70’s psychedelic rock. Their sound is hard to genrfy so let’s just go with alternative and best played loudly. That way it covers a lot of what these guys actually do. The meaningful lyrics previously heard in their music are echoed into ‘Man on the bridge’. Thomas Rhodes (Lead guitar), Tyla Challenger ( Bass guitar), Euan Woodman (drums) and frontman Connor Hill (vocals) know how to make a song catchy enough to sing back to them at gigs.

Their back catalogue is also something special and I cannot wait to be able to catch these guys at a real live show in the future after watching some of their videos on the bands YouTube channel. It looks like a wild sweaty night and the crowd just can’t get enough of them. THE NOVUS do it all, from great music to their own DIY shows where the guys (with help from their friends and families) make their own stages and sets for gigs. There is just no end to the talent and creativity that is possessed by the lads of Stourbridge.

“He won’t give up he’s just having a nice time” The OAP in question does look like he is having an absolute ball. He’s got multiple videos showcasing his moves on YouTube. (My favourite here ). Clearly bringing joy to the many and more importantly too himself. His old school rave moves and lack of top suggests it gets hot busting his moves “he’s not in a top, he’s just in his pants”. Hopefully, the next YouTube video I see of this guy is him raving away to his own personal tribute by The Novus.