The One Eyed General’s Bandit – I’m Glad You Caught Me When You Did

Dusting off that post-Britpop indie rock of the noughties, The One Eyed General’s Bandit encapsulates the gritty rawness of the decades early sound in their latest single ‘I’m Glad You Caught Me When You Did’.

Clearly influenced by the greats of modern indie rock, TOEGB have moulded the driven guitars and standardised rock beats into a commercially accessible track, following choppy riffs through safe structure of familiar-sounding verses and slightly more robust choruses. Through channelling the familiarity of noughties indie-rock, it seems to lack a spark of individuality to give it’s sound a notably modern twist. The track does carry a certain level of nostalgia with it but seems to have used very similar tones and popular chordal structures from the genres pioneers as opposed to taking inspiration from these elements and applying them in a more creative, up-to-date fashion.

The track as a whole, however, does have memorable sounding riffs featured throughout and the vocalists melody in the chorus tailors their adept voice well, making the catchiness of the melody more appealing. To create a flashier impact, it would have been beneficial to add stronger backing vocals to the chorus as to differentiate the flow between the chorus and the verse. Though utilising notable riffs and melodies throughout, there isn’t a great deal of variety between them, and with the song almost reaching five minutes, the melodies can feel very repetitive very quickly.  Even the guitar solo takes a similar approach in using the same few melodies over and over again as opposed to letting their creative freedom run wild.

Overall, the track feels like its limiting itself within the boundaries of noughties indie-rock which is putting a noticeable restriction on the bands creativity. In future, the band should take inspiration from the musical genre and let their creativity dictate the direction of the song instead of completely recycling a sound that has come and gone.