The Otherness – Gotta Go

Argentinian band The Otherness won’t be leaving your speakers anytime soon after you’ve played “Gotta Go”. Immigration is high right now and The Otherness are showcasing in Gotta Go that Migration is human. The problem isn’t immigration or emigration, the lack of education is. It’s always great to hear a band express their passionate views on the world.

The highly melodic collective are influenced not only by rock but soul as well. You can hear it in their rhythm sections and mostly in the vocals. They’ve toured Europe and Latin America while carrying their self-titled debut album under their sleeves. “Gotta Go” is their latest adaptation on the world and it truly is a wonderful track.

Cementing a killer groove from the introduction straight to the end, it’s funky and you’ll be dancing to it in excess movement. Seriously, you’ll be dancing like you’ve got ants in your pants. The vocals aren’t the strongest in parts and lacks a bit of the grit that the instrumentation gives off, but saying that, it does fit the infectious rhythm of the track. The best part of the track has to be the message…

“No human is illegal”. It’s real and relatable. Overall, the band are very clear with what they strive to create – hard hitting, ambitious rock. They’ve got a vision all planned out and you can see it yourselves through their music.


Catch The Otherness on their Live Tour of UK and Europe.

20/4. Jimmy’s (Manchester) -“This Feeling” gig.

25/4. The Monarch (London) -“This Feeling” gig.

26/4. The Waterloo (Blackpool)

29/4. Broadcast (Glasgow)

2/5. Frog & Parrot (Sheffield) RGM Live

3/5. Electric Brixton (London Latin Music Fest, w/Auténticos Decadentes)

4/5. The Cavern (Exeter)

9/5. Plan B/Klangbar (Hamburg)

10/5. Wave Bar (Jesteburg)

11/5. Teufels (Hamburg)

15/5. Cowboy und Indianer (Hamburg)

16/5. Hafenbanhof (Hamburg)

18/5. Lehmithz (Hamburg)

20/5. Klimperkasten (Stelle)

23/5. Bombig (Augsburg)

25/5. Bombig (Augsburg)

29/5. Studenterhuset (Copenhagen)

31/5. The Cave (Amsterdam)

2/6. The Waterhole (Amsterdam)

8/6. F + K (Hamburg)

14/6. The Alexandra Beer Emporium (Southampton)