The Otherness – Move On

Storming into the new year, The Otherness excel in their latest single “Move On”.

Vibrant and highly energetic with each release, The Otherness are proving that classic Brit-rock still can be in the limelight. With layers of passion and an exotic take on the 90s sound, “Move On” preaches to stick positivity in your life and keep on moving.

It’s the type of track that you want to hear to kick your new year off in the right way, and hearing it in whatever season, it radiates with light. 

One thing that feels like it needs highlighting and slightly improving is the use of dynamics. As the track progresses, you’d want the track to slowly build to a peak moment that feels most memorable, but this number doesn’t have that element.

Its constant repetition may seem, well repetitive, but it will certainly get stuck in your head and become of the band’s most memorable tracks to date.

What I like most about the track though is that it’ll leave you with a big smile on your face. Leaving behind the toxicity of whatever troubles you may have had in 2019, the time is bold and courageous. Production-wise, the trio flow with certainty that this track needs to be heard.