The Pagans S.O.H – Banananah

Black Country boys The Pagans: Shepherds of humanity take inspiration from close to home on new track Banananah.

This four-piece describe themselves as a heavy rock band at heart, taking inspiration from the likes of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, their ‘fellow Yam Yam brothers’ as they describe it. The truth is, though, that this record has clear influences from elsewhere also…

In amongst that rock noise you can distinctly feel some reggae vibes shining though, another genre which has famous UK contributor around the Black Country and Birmingham. Combine this with the almost Streets like lyrics and you get a real West Midlands mix of sounds all crammed into three minutes.

The track itself is ambitious. It leaves little room for error in trying to bring so many sounds together, and although it does have moments where it promises to develop into a great tune, it does also feel like it trips over itself with so much complexity trying to be put across.

To its credit, this track is not like anything I have heard for a while. It strives to be unique and it’s fair to say it achieves that. I do fear though that there is a reason why this band has not been covered before. They certainly have a lot of talent and a real passion something new and different and with some fine tuning and a little more experimenting I have no doubt The Pagans SOH will come up with something very good very soon.