The Pagans S.O.H – Pagan Pilgrimage

The Pagans S.O.H bring serious grooves and funky beats in their new single, Pagan Pilgrimage. Their music video to their second single features Shaun Ryder and Peter Turner from Elbow, amongst other Mancunian musicians. Oh, and Coronation Street‘s Tracey Barlow, Dawn Acton! 

Shot by renowned music photographer, Paul Husband and based in The Kings Arms pub in Salford, the band delve into heavier, more psychedelia-based undertones than in their first single which debuted last year.

The West Bromwich-based four piece released their first single ‘Banananah’ last December, and since receiving critical acclaim, the boys have taken it upon themselves to run with it; churning out a second single which is just as musically explorative as the first. They’re experimental and they’re fun – completely unafraid to delve into unfamiliar waters, and mesh all of components of these waters into one quirky piece. And it works. Yes, they risk it sounding jumbled and jangled, but somehow, their unashamedly innovative attitude towards it works. This attitude is evident in Pagan Pilgrimage, with them completely diverting their own trajectory from their debut single. 

Frontman Marcus dominates the lyric side of the track; the juxtaposition of his rapping in the foreground, with the breezy guitar instrumentals happily providing more laid-back undertones to his punchy lyricisms is a combination which is likely to be questioned on paper, but again, they make it work. It’s fresh, it’s unique, and it’s cool. A combination which when you hear it, you question why you thought the juxtaposing elements wouldn’t work in the first place. They also manage to fit in a solo from Daragh, the lead guitarist, which is as lovely as it is short.

As mentioned, the single takes the listener on a complete separate voyage from their last track. Vocalist Lesycsyznski-Hall recently told The Express: “Anyone who has ever seen us live knows our style is unique. so they won’t be surprised ‘Pagan Pilgrimage’ takes a totally different direction from our last song.” Admittedly, when an artist says something like this, fans undoubtedly brace themselves for a slightly more conforming style of music; one which is crafted to please a wider range of listeners in attempt to accumulate a larger following, rather than their actual fanbase. However, this isn’t the case with this quartet and they know it. Their innovative attitude towards making music indefinitely matches the quality of it, always, and their explorative ways of crafting is something which is notable – especially in this track.

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