The Pagans S.O.H – The Pagans Are Alive!

The Pagans S.O.H Are Alive! The Black Country four-piece return with a banger of a single guaranteed to rouse you from your ‘lockdown lethargy’.

Oh they’ve been busy alright. Right from the intro we’re hit with a spine-tingling theremin backed with heavy drums. The chords are gnarly and the vocals gritty. It’s a heady mix of hip-hop and metal with monster riffs and witty lyricism – all laced with that humour the lads are known for. Vocalist Marcus reels off line after line of clever wordplay with a melodic flair. Including the brilliant..

‘I’m a freak of nature / I’m a demon from hell / Forget Balamory I’ve got a more interesting story to tell / About a sheep, and a lion, and a dog, and a fox. / About how they all got along together and they didn’t give a fuck.’

A hard rock rap track produced by Gavin Monaghan at the ‘Magic Gardens Studio’ Wolverhampton – guitarist Daragh explained: “This song is probably the heaviest and darkest we have released so far but then again we are living through a strange, dystopian era and we are true believers that difficult times produce some of the most exciting music.”

And its this great juxtaposition between the heavy sound and the light-hearted spirit that makes it such a treat for the ears.

Premiering the track on Halloween with the release of a fittingly old school horror-inspired music video directed by London-based filmmaker Karis Crimson. Its a real macabre offering complete with gunge-dripping titles, flickering monochrome visuals and zombie antics. The track itself is due to be released on the Fade to Dust label and will be available across online platforms from Saturday 14 November.

The Pagans ARE alive, kicking and serving us some truly monster music.