The Pastel Waves – The Influencers EP

Usually, when you think of alternative indie songs you expect a jangly guitar to play for about 15 seconds, and then the drums are given a thwack, and the rest of the band kicks in. There is no change to this when it comes to The Pastel Waves’ new four-track EP ‘The Influencers’.

Complete with the classic romantic, rambling lyrics, The Pastel Waves emit a sound that can only be described as Madchester with a twist of reverb. They’ve done an excellent job of making an EP that all ties together. I don’t want to go as far as saying it ties together because all the tracks are the same, but they certainly aren’t dissimilar.

It seems that the band has tried to tackle a lot in this short space of music. They said that this set of songs was ‘inspired by Brexit, loss of family members, bullying, and celebrity ‘wannabe’ culture’. All of this is a lot of hard-hitting stuff to squeeze into just a few tracks, and you have to admire them for it.

For me personally, one bit of advice I would offer to the group is to just rest a bit. The first three songs, ‘Starts Right Here’, ‘I Wasn’t Convinced’, and ‘Freak Show’, are relentlessly packed with cutting guitar and drum fills for days, and sometimes it can feel a bit much. 

Fortunately, ‘Late September’ rounds off the EP on a much-needed softer note. It eases the listener out of the sing-a-long indie tracks towards a calmer state.

More than anything I think the Kent-based band can be proud of the fact that they’ve got four brand new tracks out for listeners to learn the lyrics for when they start playing gigs again. I imagine The Pastel Waves are hoping to take this summer by storm.