The Pink Nostalgia – Drifted

Indie-electronic two-piece The Pink Nostalgia consist of multi-instrumentalist Joseph O’Gorman and David Woodford. Inspired by modern pop artists that I’m sure you can figure out who, the duo return with release ‘Drifted‘ – taken from their latest work ‘MONOCHROME’. Quite the opposite of monotone, the overall EP is vibrant and showcases a psychedelic attire to The Pink Nostalgia’s blossoming discography.

“Drifted” transition through ethereal themes of wonder, and leaves listeners questioning what style of music it truly resides in. Armed with an electronic pop soundscape, there’s subtle elements of post-punk within the cracks. Telling the story of unrequited love and regret, it seems that the track illustrates a relationship gone sour and beyond repairable.

One thing to say about the track is that it doesn’t feel completely radio-worthy. That’s nothing to do with the style, sound or production – all these things are next level – it’s just a lengthy track. At over 5 minutes long, the track feels slightly repetitive and formulaic in places and would be perfect if there was a radio-edit version.

Saying that ‘Drifted‘ will certainly raise eyebrows and leave you wanting more. If so, dive straight into ‘MONOCHROME’ – it’s an experience filled with different shades and illustrates themes of breakups and uncertainty.