The Purple Hat Mob – Catfish Stew EP

I’ve never tried Catfish Stew until now and the offering The Purple Hat Mob have for us is deliciously nostalgic and I feel like I’ve gone on a glorious 80’s adventure.  

The Preston-based group open with ‘I’m A Kind Man’ which has ambient sounds and a mixture of gothic synths both in the foreground and background of the track. The combination makes for an unsettling feeling in the track. The middle of the track sees a bass-driven burst and adding to that is a simple drumbeat that keeps a simple rhythm as we’re concentrating on those synths.  

 It is also a short opener to Catfish Stew and left me thinking ‘what am I in store for in these next two tracks?’ 

The title track is an explosion of 80’s synth which reminded me greatly of the dark synths of Depeche Mode. The bass guitar is so groovy, whilst the guitar rings out chords around it. The vocals blend into the track nicely as they soar over the top of guitar licks. The theme of the song looks at there being too much rubbish on the internet and has that nostalgic 80’s computer vibe as well.  

The EP gets better with each track as ‘Danny’s Leaving With That Hot Girl Again’ starts off with a chilling intro of stylistic synths, drums and fuzzy guitars. There’s a bouncing rhythmic build up whilst continuing that unsettling noise seen in the first track. A real 80’s gothic rock/pop treat.  

What sounds like harpsichord keys break into heavy synth and guitar with sonic space effects. This then transcends into heavy guitars and vocaloid sounds with wavey synths and funky basslines. Parts of the guitar sound like dial up tones and computers glitching out; it’s a real experience this track and filled my head with such sonically exciting sounds. 

A really exciting and memorable 10 minutes of music.