The Rah Band – Vapour Trails

Chart icons The Rah Band are known for their 80s anthems but bringing it back to the present day, they’re ready to soul up today’s charts. Retro and sounding like they haven’t completely evolved over time, their latest single ‘Vapour Trails‘ resonates with today’s COVID times. even though the track was written and recorded many years ago, band founder Richard Hewson decided to revamp the track and make it relatable to today’s world. Bathed in lively vocals from British vocalist Funmilayo, this soulful experience tries to keep up with the times but lacks real potential.

Saying that, the track is still good. It still celebrates living for the moment and bringing personality to every table. Armed with a memorable melody and an easy-listening arrangement, Funmilayo’s enchanting vocals steal the spotlight. Recognisable and distinctively Funmilayo’s, the performance is boosted by the gorgeous, contemporary vocals.

A track that feels like a tribute to people we’ve loved and lost, this track is all about remembrance and how powerful memories truly are. Whilst the track was written and recorded years ago, its poignant message is even more important right now.

If the pandemic has taught us anything by now it’s to live every moment to the full because life is so short. A guiding light within the dark, this track feels like the friendly cuddle we’ve been lacking over this past year, so wrap up inside its warmth and feel comforted.