The Return of the Premier League – We predict the scores!

The Premier League is about to make its long-awaited return on the 17th of June, which I’m sure has made a lot of fans happy (especially Liverpool Fans). There are many aspects to take into account on how teams will play. With the break being so long, form is all but null and void, so it will certainly be intriguing on which teams bounce back from the break and which teams will fall under the possible intensity these last games will bring.

Because of the Covid-19 lockdown, many players who were previously injured have now had the chance to recover which is looking very positive for Tottenham Hotspur as manager of the club, Jose Mourinho, has confirmed not only Harry Kane is ready to return but also Son, Bergwijn and Sissoko will all be able to play from the off point. Though he does have concerns that they will not currently be at their peak form, which brings me to my next point, will players actually be physically fit to head straight back into football at such a crucial point of the season?

There is a lot of worries that the footballers may not actually be fit and therefore cause more injuries. Gary Neville has said players have had a long enough rest and if they have been training the right way, they should be fine by the time the season returns. There has also been talks of teams playing friendlies to secure match fitness, but nothing has been confirmed on that yet. Of course, this is certainly a discussion up for debate, but only time will tell on this.

Most probably the most important aspect of why the Premier League will continue to the finish is Liverpool. Though with me being an Arsenal fan, if the season had been cancelled and no winner would’ve been declared it would have made some right laughs towards any of my friends who are Liverpool fans and Manchester United fans would’ve loved it, as much as Kevin Keegan during his post conference speech many years ago. But going from a completely unbiased view, Liverpool do deserve the league title, their performance this season has been impeccable, and it would be a terrible situation if they had it snatched from them.

There is also the point to look at of the teams fighting for relegation, because of this break the teams who were really falling because of their form have now had team to reflect and possibly steady their nerves. With there being only an eight point gap between 20th – 15th it will certainly be entertaining to see what the outcome will be from a neutral perspective and most definitely a nervous situation for any fans who support the teams that are fighting to stay in top tier football.

The opening games will be Manchester City vs Arsenal and Aston Villa vs Sheffield United, which in my opinion will both be very interesting games, though even if they aren’t, fans will just be glad to have the football back again. Both games are currently said to be taken place behind closed doors and logically I think its for the best until we know its safe for people to venture into big crowds again. I’m certainly looking forward to watching the Premier League again and I think we can all guarantee they’ll be some entertaining football on offer.

Lastly, I want to make a prediction on the first two games, I’m going to go with Manchester City 2 – 2 Arsenal and Aston Villa 1-2 Sheffield United. I’d like to see what you readers think, comment below or via the link and get a debate going.

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