It was the day that Reytons’ fans up and down the country had been waiting for since September.

In September, four lads from Rotherham played a sold-out Sheffield Arena, teasing something bigger and better to come.

Paying homage to their song ‘Kids Off The Estate’, with the lyrics ‘Nintendo’s came second and in Clifton Park was Disneyland.’ – Jonny Yerrell, Lee Holland, Joe O’Brien and Jamie Todd set out to play Clifton Park in Rotherham, along with some special guests for support.

Walking in, I didn’t know what to expect, the stage was dressed like a castle, the sort of stuff you would see in medieval type films, and it set to the tone for the theme.

It was incredibly well spaced out, plenty of food options and two huge bars to feed and water the 20,000 descending on Clifton Park in Rotherham.

In my opinion, The Reytons crafted a stellar line-up to join them, with heavy nods to their South Yorkshire roots as well touch of Liverpool and Newcastle too.

First up was The Rosadocs.

Plenty of people came down early to see them, which is lovely, but also, why wouldn’t they?
The Rosadocs are becoming a South Yorkshire staple, with their infectious songs, with relatable and heartfelt lyrics that tell a story.

Photo Credit: Scott Antcliffe (@Cliffy94 via X)

The crowd loved them and a lot definitely knew the songs, singing along, dancing, myself included, they brought the energy ahead of a jam-packed day.

“Run Away Instead” was definitely the highlight, so many people dancing, singing and even moshing along, which was incredible to see.

They were the perfect opening act and set the tone for the rest of the day, and within a couple of years, I can see them doing their own version of the day, a class act.


Next up was Andrew Cushin.

Newcastle’s rising star did not disappoint, lots of people there once again flocked to see him and plenty of fans there singing his songs back to him, but his infectious sound was that good that even people who didn’t know him that well were nodding along and saying how good he was.

His Geordie accent and charm when talking to the crowd won people over quickly, even a brave gag asking about the local football team in jest was received well.

“You Don’t Belong” was the highlight for me, it had people hooked, but the whole performance generally was fantastic.

The only criticism I had is that he should have been higher up on the bill, a brilliant set.


Next up was Lucy Spraggan.

I felt for Lucy a little bit, the England v Switzerland game was screened at the same time, but regardless, she cracked on and brought a killer set to Clifton Park.

Photo Credit: Corey Jake (@Corey_Jake via X)

Her dry sense of humour came out when she spoke to the crowd, her performances of “Last Night” and “Tea and Toast” were a particular highlight and well received from the crowd with people singing along.

She has a beautiful voice, relatable songs that tell lots of stories and definitely someone I want to see a little bit more of.


With a little break for comedy and the football (on a separate note, it MIGHT actually be coming home?) – people gathered round the stage or the big screen, with extra time for penalties, England cinched it, a tense atmosphere followed by lots of cheers, happy tears and a lot of jumping around, it made a great day an even better one.

Back to the music though and up next was Sheffield’s own Little Man Tate.

Another victim of the football clash, but again, they took it in their stride very well.

Jon Windle is a fantastic frontman, the band get better every time I see them, they played a few of their new tracks, which down really well, quite a lot of Little Man Tate fans in the audience, singing and having the time of their lives.

The band also looked like they were enjoying themselves, which I think makes all the difference.

Highlights for me were “European Lover”, “Sexy in Latin” and of course “House Party at Boothy’s”.

They brought the energy back and matched the audience well who were in the mood to party.


Now for the penultimate act, Jamie Webster.

Admittedly I was really looking forward to this, having listened to Jamie’s music for quite a few years but never having managed to see him live, he did not disappoint.

Jamie’s stage presence is utterly incredible, I’d go as far as to say one of the best I’ve seen in a long time, he really connects with his audience, tells great stories from song origins and overall just seems like a genuinely lovely guy.

The crowd loved him, people were bouncing around, singing his songs back to him, plus crowd-surfing, including the appearance of Spiderman (yes, really!).

Jamie really got the audience involved, and they loved him for it, for this reason alone “Fickle Fran” was the highlight for me.

A brilliant warm-up for the main event.


And finally, the main event that everyone had been waiting for…

It’s no secret that The Reytons are fantastic creatively, the set up for their entrance was absolutely incredible, incorporating the “Disneyland” theme, like it was the opening of their own Disney film.

A very cleverly made video, featuring the “Circle of Life” from The Lion King, which included bird’s eye shots of Rotherham and fresh footage of people entering Clifton Park that very afternoon.

Their creativity is second to none.

There were smiles, applause and even some people around me shedding happy tears as Jonny, Lee, Jamie and Joe all took to the stage and in true Reytons style, they kicked off with Red Smoke.

As you can probably expect there were red smoke pyrotechnics EVERYWHERE in the crowd, if anything a bit too many, what I heard was fantastic, but I ultimately watched a cloud of red smoke for the first couple of minutes, however, it’s all part of the Reytons experience.

You could just tell how much this all meant to the lads, they were beaming with happiness throughout.

Jonny is a fantastic frontman, he spoke to the crowd, told us all stories of the bands origin and reminded people to look after each other and have fun.

The setlist was fantastic, having seen the lads a few times, there were some songs that I had yet to see live, that were a welcome addition.

It was perfectly crafted, with songs from all three albums “Kids Off The Estate”, “What’s Rock and Roll?” and “Ballad of a Bystander”.

The crowd went for it, mosh pits and crowd surfing galore, singing every single tune back to them.

Whilst the crowd were generally pretty good, some did get a bit too carried away, the lads had to stop midway through “Low Life” and “On The Back Burner” due to emergencies in the crowd.

Thankfully it didn’t dampen the mood and the guys really took it in their stride, reminded everyone to have fun, but to be careful and look out for each other.

The setlist also included the likes of “Retro Emporium”, “Shoebox”, “Landslide” and of course, “Slice of Lime” – which Joe O’Brien’s guitar solo was absolutely sublime.

The creativity carried on, on the big screen behind the set, I was so impressed with the details and effort that the band put into this, for every song, there was a back drop of different videos to match the song.

“Harrison Lesser” saw a nod to series “Only Fools and Horses” as it saw the lads, accompanied by their manager Rich Goodwin do their own take on the opening credits.

For “Billy Big Bollocks” you could see a black and white montage of the character known as “Devvo AKA Donny Soldier” a real 00’s staple of comedy from South Yorkshire.

My favourite though had to be “Trials and Tribulations”, it was the penultimate song of the set, the band sounded amazing, but footage and photos of them growing up, starting and growing the band, to the arena, world tour and more was emotional and heart warming and gave it the perfect place to end what was an amazing day for all.

Jonny addressed the crowd, all four lads were clearly emotional, in the best way possible, Jonny thanked the crowd, the support acts and Rich for making it all possible, before they went into “Kids Off The Estate” for the finale.

The crowd jumped, sang, laughed and cried throughout, and as the final bow happened, they reminded everyone to never forget where they came from, Take That’s “Never Forget” blared out the speakers, fireworks set off from behind the stage with Jonny and Lee running down the front shaking hands, acknowledging the crowd and ending the day on a complete high.

Overall it was a magical day, something that Rotherham, the crowd and the lads will remember for years to come.

I truly believe that there is more in store for these lads and they’ve just put on the best show of their career to date, they’re not done yet.