The Rezner : For Myself

Cornwall based band, The Rezner, come out swinging in their latest single ‘For Myself’ and show that they want to make it big and won’t take no for an answer. 

Much like their first release ‘Micky’, their second single ‘For Myself’ is song packed with fast paced guitar riffs and crashing drums. It takes a lot from 70s punk bands with its no nonsense thrashing riffs but also brings in an indie style melody that ties the two genres together.

The first 10 seconds are like a slow burning fuse that ignites a powder keg of loud, powerful music that you can imagine a crowd suddenly erupting into a mosh pit to. The rest of the song has short breaks in the intensity that allow you catch your breath, in particular the break towards the end that slowly rebuilds the song before exploding into the final round of the chorus.

Lyric wise like most punk songs it is simple and not much to it, it is very clear that the song was made to get the crowd pumped up and for them to enjoy jumping round to rather than to inspire them through words. Maybe in future releases we will see the lyrics shine through the heavy punk rock sound.

With two hard-hitting singles under their belts The Rezner lookup for a fight and with their upcoming tour to accompany ‘For Myself’, it looks positive for the future.