NEW : The RGM Podcast : 40 Film Special – CK Goldiing’s guests talking about his new film 61 Hugs

Welcome to the new Industry Podcast from RGM..

CK Goldiing is a Sheffield-born writer and content creator who, amongst other things, takes on some crazy social challenges.


His biggest to date was when he spent six months in London with his camera, living only on money earnt from pay-what-you-want photoshoots with musicians and an initial £100.

His latest challenge sees him attempt to hug 61 strangers on his journey to Sheffield City Centre. The end product is 61 Hugs, an inspiring, heart-warming and totally fascinating short film.


Gethin caught up with CK last week at the Dam House pub in Sheffield to talk about his background, his ambitions and most importantly, 61 Hugs.

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