The Rise Of Sky Walker – The Review

Leia, Rey, Poe Finn and even Luke return to take their final bow a the epic 42-year-old trilogy of trilogies has finally come to an end and it was everything it professed to be and everything the fans wanted and deserved.

Rewarded for their loyal service through the testing years of the first three films was a celebration of everything that has come before with lines, props, scenes and in-jokes from a story if the struggle between light and dark that fans have grown up with. New worlds and creatures

The packed-out cinema sat in stunned silence as the literal keys to the galaxy far, far away were handed over to the new force of the Jedi. Internal struggles were laid bear with fear and regret surrounding the unbreakable bond between Rey and Ren and Rey-Lo ending was finally revealed.

Friendships were tested and losses were inevitable as beloved characters surrendered themselves for a war that was bigger than any of them. It was a fitting end to a historical cinematic universe that is undoubtedly the greatest most long-running franchise the world has ever seen.