We review the new single from The Ronains – Flower of Scotland

An ominous drone soars across the speakers as a powerful voice calls the rest of the band to arms. The track then breaks into a churning force that gleams with pride for (you guessed it) Scotland. This is the sound of The Ronains’ new single ‘Flower of Scotland’.

A pulsating rhythm section supports the track right up to the last second, and it provides a real heartbeat to the song that emphasises the Scottish pride that runs through the core of every sound wave. 

Just to add a bit of diversity there is a well-placed guitar solo thrown into the mix. It’s brief, intricate, and not too loud. I appreciated this because way too often you get a screeching solo that’s so over the top just so the lead guitarist can show off. 

It seems to me that The Ronains have a hope to unite their country in what can only be described as a troubled period (with covid and all that). Whether the track will have this gigantic effect I’m not sure, but I can say that this tune will get a number of people on their side.

This will only add to the positivity that the Glaswegian group has managed to create in the music scene so far. With plans to support Scouting For Girls and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, playing Pride Glasgow, and a third US tour in October, things certainly seem to be going the right way for The Ronains. If you’re a fan of the rock and roll sound that the four-piece are producing, then I imagine you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go and belt out their songs live in the future.

‘Flower of Scotland’ is out today. If you’re intrigued, where’s the harm in checking it out.